Women in Tech Lunch & Panel Discussion at Tradeshift

   Last week we had the pleasure of teaming up with Tradeshift for a Women in Tech Lunch & Panel Discussion. The goal was to connect women working in tech with a great company, and each other over lunch, networking, and some interesting topics.


There were a lot of questions about the difficulties in working with mostly men, how to make your voice heard, and why you should GET A MENTOR.

My top takeaways from the panel of lovely Tradeshift ladies were…

1. Get a Mentor

Sarika Garg – SVP & GM of Network & Apps made a great point, she said don’t feel like your mentor has to be Sheryl Sandberg. Your mentor is someone who can help guide you in your career. They’re likely someone who has already achieved what you are striving to do, so luckily you can learn from them, and the path they took. She recommended reaching out to someone who inspires you and ask to meet for coffee.

2. Share Your Opinion (even if you’re not sure if it’s right)

ALWAYS speak up at the table. Sometimes as women we feel like we want to make sure we have thought our ideas through 100% and feel intimidated to share until we’ve thoroughly done so. It’s ok if your idea isn’t 100% thought out, share it anyways.

3. You don’t have to have a tech background to work in tech

It was interesting to hear the diversity of backgrounds from each of the women and their stories. We learned you don’t have to have a tech background to work in tech. In fact coming from a different background can prove to be an advantage because you can offer a different perspective and opinion.

4. Come prepared with data

Tatiana Afanyseva – Director of Marketing & Sales at Tradeshift shared her story of how she started as an intern and after only a few months was leading an entire marketing team. She said she always came prepared to meetings with data. This really forced everyone to pay attention and take her seriously.

A special thank you to the lovely ladies who participated in the panel and Lynn Feldman VP of Global HR & People Operations at Tradeshift

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Panelists: Female leadership of Tradeshift Holdings: Anja Eriksen – Chief of Staff, VP of Strategy & Process, Tatiana Afanyseva – Director of Marketing & Sales, Sarika Garg – SVP & GM of Network & Apps. Moderator:Toni Nielsen – Recruiting Manager

Thank you to ZeroCater for providing a tasty lunch.